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Santini's experience in the area of export packing and preparation of machinery, equipment and raw materials moving from the United States to foreign destinations, spans more than forty years of uninterrupted service. We are uniquely qualified and experienced in the peculiarities of handling and transport of virtually any commodity.

Our full-line service includes receiving and item checking, packaging and packing, storage and marshalling, consolidation, containerization, documentation, electronic information, and delivery.

Our experienced personnel are highly trained and highly motivated, and our extensive resources include our proprietary, internally developed and maintained information management system. This, coupled with our uncompromising integrity and reputation for performance at the highest possible levels, would be directed to the achievement of your goals with the optimum utilization of manpower, materials, and time. Santini's dedication to your success and the success of your client's projects is assured by our firm commitment to diligently monitor and protect the interests of not only you, but of your client, his customers and his affiliates as well.

Santini Export Packing Corporation

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